23 August

Eanes ISD 2013-2014 School District Information and Accountability Ratings

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Eanes ISD 2013-2014 School District Information and Accountability

Here is a link to Gracy Title’s Eanes ISD summary for Eanes ISD 2013-2014 School District Information & Eanes Accountability Ratings

And here is a link to Eanes ISD 2014-2015 School Year Calendar

Eanes ISD of course is still the top overall school district in the Austin area.  I am looking forward to The Chaps winning some Friday night football this year…Go Chaps!  Here is a link to the Westlake Chaps football website where you can see the football schedule and buy tickets.

Regarding Eanes ISD real estate, inventory is still at an all time low for Eanes, Westlake and Rollingwood with inventory well under 1 month supply in many (most) Eanes neighborhoods.  I have been pretty active in Westlake real estate this year with deals and we are still seeing the good homes get well over bid.  The not so good homes (the wonky ones that come in over mid comp ranges, ie overpriced) are still not moving, so even though the Eanes ISD real estate market is iron red hot, you still have to price right to sell.  For instance, I am noticing that a lot of the Westlake homes that really should be priced at lot value are trying to get lot value plus home value, but the market just isn’t quite that crazy yet and I don’t think it will get to that (silicon valley) level.

There is definitely a pattern in Eanes real estate, the sellers who are pricing their homes in a comp supportive PPSF and not getting too greedy tend to get multiple offers that will push up their contract prices to a nice level, and the greedy Eanes sellers who are clearly trying to take advantage of the low inventory and pricing sky high are often left wondering where all the buyers are and having to drop prices after the first couple of weeks.  But that’s just what I have noticed.  Oh, and there are some cool modern homes out there for sale, not on MLS, so give me a call and we can discuss.  Tom 512-413-0870


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