18 April

What the heck is going on at Agave Austin?

Posted by Tom Bates


The last year has not been a good year for east Austin’s modern home community Agave 969.  Everyone I talk to about Agave is scratching their heads about what’s going on at Agave.  The rumor I heard is that the bank is taking back ALL the remaining Agave lots…the auction could be in May but of course no way to know for certain.  Hopefully a design-minded builder will pick up the lots and continue the modern home theme.  My guess is that the Agave re-sales will remain strong over the coming few years, just because it’s so unique and there is a strong appetite for modern design in Austin under $400k.





  1. curious

    Hi there. Any updates on this? We’ve been wondering the same thing and haven’t received many answers. How do you think this might this affect homeowners and potential buyers?

  2. Tom Bates

    It’s going to make a lot of Agave buyers nervous….but I am hoping for the best for the continued build out of Agave Austin. Hopefully someone will go in and improve on what was started. There is still a strong market for GOOD modern design in east Austin.