15 February

Austin modern home spec building making a comeback this year?

Posted by Tom Bates


OK OK, so it’s not a full comeback, but it’s a start. There still are very few Austin modern homes being built as spec houses this year compared to the salad days, but we are absolutely seeing a pick up this year compared to the last 4 years.  Still too few for our buyers to have a huge selection, but it’s a good start!  Most of the activity is in smoking hot Austin areas like south Austin’s 78704 and in further out affordable areas.  Green homes are also HUGE this year, but beware, just because the marketing says it’s a green house doesn’t necessarily mean a lot…you and your agent really need to look under the hood and see what’s really green and what’s just marketing, more on that huge subject another time! (here’s an example of a real green house, and it’s for sale!)

Of course, our office continues to be busy helping people build custom modern homes in Austin and I figure that will continue for many more years until spec home building comes back for real.  If you are looking for an Austin modern home for sale, a good place to start is our Austin modern homes list.  We try to update it once a month or so.  The best way is to work with an agent who specializes in architectural and modern homes and speaks with and knows a lot of builders and keeps a list of their modern spec homes they are working on.  Of course, our agents are the cat’s meow but there are dozens of great modern focused agents out there.  Good luck with you search!


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