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25 May

Zilker Neighborhood History Lesson

Posted by Dave Cothran Realtor


Greetings all,

I have been living in the Zilker neighborhood for the last five years and have come to love this area!  I recently had a chance to talk with Riley Triggs, a neighbor, architect, neighborhood and AD Stenger historian.  A.D. Stenger was an architect/developer/builder whose stamp has been left all through the Zilker and Barton Hills neighborhoods as well as a few other areas around Austin.  Riley had the opportunity to save his childhood home from sliding of the hillside by reenforcing and adding his own architectural touches too it.  His father, a graphic designer, worked with Stenger to design their home in the mid 50’s.  Riley has an incredible wealth of knowledge on the history of this great South Austin neighborhood and I look forward to many future conversations with him on the subject.  One thing I took from this meeting was an understanding of why my soil is so fertile and my vegetable garden does so well when I tend it properly.  Before the neighborhoods were developed up here on top of the hill, this was all farmland, the old Kinney Farmhouse still sits near the corner of Kerr and Barton Blvd.

There is, in my opinion, a great diverse mix in our area of the old and the new.  I have an affinity for the nostalgia and appreciate efforts to preserve the antiquities that are worth saving, I also have an appreciation for the clean lines and minimalist feel of modern architecture.  There are some great rehabs, remodels, tear-downs, modulars, and new construction on empty lots here all happening within a one and a half mile radius.  If you are in the market for a new home, old home, modern home, modular home, and have always wanted to live in this great area of town, I would be more than happy to help make those dreams come true.   Contact me for more information on the history of the hood and to find that perfect piece of property for you!

More to come!……..

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