Tom Bates, Broker/Realtor

Tom Bates is a licensed real estate broker in Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Texas, Tom and his family live the modern life in the Austin hills. Tom received his undergraduate degree in Real Estate Finance at Texas Tech University. He then earned his master’s degree in International Business from Boston University in Brussels, Belgium. His first career was trading NASDAQ stocks on the trading floor at Montgomery Securities/Bank of America Securities in San Francisco, California. “That was insane.” Tom was selected as a member of the Mod Squad by the Austin Statesman and one of the Top 20 Realtors MLS Experts by KEYE News.

Tom’s specialty areas:
Residential: New construction, modern and luxury homes and downtown condos
Marketing: Online marketing and website development

Tom Bates
Realtor / Broker
10110 Lake Ridge Drive
Austin, TX 78733

Phone: 512-413-0870
eFax: 512-533-0470