Austin Modern Living Realtors

Austin Modern Living is a small, luxury Austin real estate brokerage company.  Our focus is on helping our agents build lasting businesses.   We offer our agents leads, tools, co-branding and a fair broker/agent split.  If you are looking to join a solid, luxury branded Austin real estate brokerage company please call Tom and let’s discuss it. You can reach Tom at 512-413-0870.


Do you offer leads to agents?
It really depends on you if we give you leads or not. Several of our agents have built up substantial real estate businesses from our leads. Others have had no success with them. We have learned that certain agents do better with online generated leads than other agents. If you are willing to be trained to respond to leads in a very specific way then you can close business, and if you can close business then we will continue giving you leads. Our top producing agents get the leads, so if you can start closing deals, then you will get leads.

What is your broker/agent split?
For the privacy of our current agents, we do not advertise our splits online. Our split is very competitive though! And we do not charge a higher split for leads, it's all just one split. And we do not have any other recurring charges or fees.

Do you allow teams?

Do you allow downline recruiting?
Yes, but we do have conditions in place to help keep us from getting bloated. We actually want to keep our agent count low, keep it lean and mean. And this is good for our agents too.

Why would I join Austin Modern Living vs other large firms?
The main reasons would be for the luxury brand and the great split. We would not be a good fit if you wanted: an office environment, group training or social activities for agents. All of our agents home office. If you need an office to go to every day, then you should probably look at a different company!

Who owns Austin Modern Living?
Austin Modern Living is a DBA in Travis County for Tergerson Real Estate LLC. Tergerson Real Esate LLC is owned and operated by Tom Bates and Allison Akers. Tom Bates is the broker and Allison Akers runs the back office. Allison is also a contracts attorney which is helpful.