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Agave Austin, Agave 969, Agave modern

  • Address: East Austin, 6 Miles east of
    Downtown Austin, 78724
  • Year Built: 2006 +
  • Hood: Plan is 500 homes
  • Price: $200s to $300s
  • # Beds: Mostly 2 and 3 beds
  • Sizes: 1300s to +2000 SF
  • Map: Agave Map
  • Listings: Agave Homes For Sale
  • Sales: 512-964-6441

About Agave Modern Homes 969 - Nine Sixty Nine

Agave is one of the most unique green modern neighborhoods in the US.

The concept was to build a modern, attainable neighborhood close to downtown Austin and make sure that the groove factor was cranked all the way up to 11. Driving through Agave (now awkwardly billed as Nine Sixty Nine) is like driving through what you would imagine driving through Palms Springs in 1955 was like if you were also tripping and doing a cameo for a Jetson's episode. Needless to say that living at Agave in Austin is a unique way of life, relagated to those who need more than a hip downtown condo but can't deal with a typical new home suburbia neighborhood. Complete List of Available Modern Homes in Austin

Agave Austin Homes are all designed by one of 10 different local modern architects.

There are some 50 different designs, most of which can be slightly customized. The grand plan is to eventually have some 500 homes at Agave. Prices started in the mid $100s when Agave first started marketing, but demand quickly increased the prices. We are starting to see some really great resales already in Agave, with sales prices proving that Agave is a sound investment.



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Agave - Nine Sixty Nine - Austin Map:

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Complete List of Available Modern Homes in Austin