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Agave Austin, Agave 969, Agave modern

  • Agave Area: East Austin, 6 Miles eastof
    Downtown Austin, 78724
  • Year Built: Started in 2006, restarted in 2015
  • Hood: Plan is 500 homes
  • Agave Prices: $300s to $500s
  • # Beds: Mostly 2 and 3 beds
  • Sizes: 1300s to +2000 SF
  • Map: Agave Map
  • Listings: Agave Homes For Sale
  • Sales: 512-964-6441

Agave Modern Homes

Agave Austin is east Austin's destination MCM themed neighborhood

Agave Austin is back in business! After several years of restructuring and re-tooling, new home construction is once again underway in the popular Agave neighborhood in east Austin.

The new developer, In Town Homes out of Houston, has
purchased all the remaining 400+ lots, and they plan to complete construction of contemporary single family homes on all of them. They will start out 2015 with a few spec homes on Seville Drive and Pinion Vista Drive.

In Town Homes has a solid reputation in Houston, and we are excited to see what they have to offer as they move full steam ahead into the Austin area market. In Town has assembled a team of architects and designers for the Agave Austin project including local Austin firms Barley and
Pfeiffer and Chris Cobb.

The Agave Austin modern homes will be eco-friendly with modern construction, open floor plans, gourmet kitchens, and high end finishes throughout.

Agave Austin modern homes will range from 1,900-2,800 square feet.

Initial homes prices at Agave Austin will be in the $319K to $394K. Prices will systematically increase on a schedule, as they continue development of the remaining Agave lots.

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The demand for Agave Austin homes will be very high. If you want to live in Agave you have a few choices. Buy a re-sale, buy one of the few speculation homes they are are building or pick a lot and work with the builder to build your dream home. Contact us to get started!

Dave Cothran 512-964-6441
Tom Bates 512-413-0870


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