Never Buy Real Estate Without Representation

Even the smartest business people and lawyers hire Realtor specialists to assist with their real estate transactions. Why? Because it saves you time, it usually saves you money and when you're making one of the largest financial decisions of your life the intellegent choice is to hire a professional to assist you...especially when professional real estate representation is free. When we represent your interests, the seller pays our fee. When you have no representation, the seller pockets that extra money and you negotiate from a disadvantage. Please call us and we'll be happy to give you a no obligation consultation to discuss the process and get you started on the right track. At the very least have a Realtor give you a Comparative Market Analysis on the property you are buying, especially if it's new construction.

Meet our Agents.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How many real estate transactions have you successfully negotiated?
  • What are the three proven strategies of negotiating with a builder or condo developer?
  • What's the best way to negotiate with an individual seller as opposed to a developer?
  • Do you have your own updated real estate contracts approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission, or are you going to trust that the Seller's contracts will be fine and will protect you where needed?
  • If something starts to go wrong, smell bad, or sound funny who are you going to ask for advice who has already had experience in this exact situation with this exact seller/developer?
  • Do you know exactly what will happen to your earnest money? Can you loose your earnest money altogether?
  • What have other properties or condos recently sold for and how much did they negotiate off the list price?
  • Do you understand the differnce betwen Buyer's Agency, Seller's Agency and Intermediary?

If you are not 100% certain how to answer any of the questions above, please give us a call. You have the right to professional representation from a State of Texas licensed real estate broker or Realtor. Our services are free to you since the seller pays our fee. So, please, call us and we'll discuss your situation. We are here to help you.

Meet Our Agents